Add the possibility of "run scripts in konsole" when using dolphin

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Jekyll Wu
225563, 275405
dolphin, konsole
@David, I'd like to know your idea of this workaround, because I think its usefulness will influence or be influenced by how bug 275405 will be finally resolved. 

The current situation of clicking an executable shell script in dolphin/konqueror:

1. It is always executed, instead of being opened by the preferred application according to its mimetype. (bug 275405)

2. It is executed in a silent way, without invoking konsole to provide a running environment (bug 225563). That means at least two issues:

    a). There is no feedback and no easy way for user to know whether that script has been started. He/She need use ps or ksysguard to verify it.

    b). interactive script just doesn't work.

This patch *doesn't* really solve any of the above two problems. It just provides the possibility for users to run an executable script in konsole when using dolphin/konqueror.

It adds two .desktop files: 

    applications/kde4/run-in-konsole.desktop, which can be used in the "Open with" submenu
    ServiceMenus/konsolerun.deksotp, which can be used in the "Actions" submenu

I'm not sure which solution is better, so I just provide both :)



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