Use the KVersionControlPlugin for the next highest folder not the first one that finds a folder anywhere up in the filesystem

Review Request #107066 - Created Oct. 26, 2012 and discarded

Dominik Schmidt
Sorry, for the confusing summary, couldn't describe it better in one sentence, suggestions for a commit message are very much appreciated.

The current behaviour of dolphin is:
if for the first plugin in the list of loaded plugins the fileName is not found in the current directory, it looks in the directory above, if it's not found there it looks in the directory above and so on - all with the same plugin.
This leads to a problematic situation with for example Dropbox. Dropbox-Sync folders are identified by the .dropbox folder in their top-level. but also there is a ~/.dropbox. So when you enable the dolphin-box-plugin, basically no other KVersionControlPlugin will be able to work. It will go up to your home and think everything inside it is tracked by Dropbox.

This patch makes dolphin check all plugins for the current directory, then go one directory up, check all plugins again, go one up etc.. 

P.S.: Is there any better/more flexible API to use for sync-plugins? 
I can use other plugins simultaneously with the Dropbox one now... 
Frank Reininghaus
Dominik Schmidt
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Please re-upload the patch on phabricator if this is still an issue.