add application/x-gpx+xml, application/x-osm+xml, application/x-esri-shape to the mime-type database

Review Request #106977 - Created Oct. 21, 2012 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
This patch installs an extension of the mimetype database for the three file types.

This way such files get a nicer display in the file dialogs/managers and can also finally be bound to the Marble program by the mimetype ids.

To have Marble noted as handler for application/x-esri-shape only if the related plugin is installed, I followed the advise of Albert, see

Still to do after this patch:
* have the view zoom to the loaded shape/track

Patch additionally installs a mimetype for the Esri shapefile index, so this file at least looks better in the filemanager.
That mimetype is made up by me. Not sure if this is useful, could also remove this from the patch if you prefer. For that reason I have also not yet added entries for the two other additional file types with shapefiles.

PS: After applying the patch and installing somehow the new info about the mimetypes and that marble supports them seems to not make it to all running programs. For me it worked only completely after a restart of the workspace session, so please try that before reporting problems.
Clicking an gpx file or a shape file starts Marble and loads the file.