With the inner curly bracket text object, try to leave the closing bracket on its own line, as with vim

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Simon St James
When doing a ciw/ diw or suchlike, vim tries to leave the closing bracket on its own line if it was on a different line to the opening bracket originally, whereas Kate currently just deletes all characters between them, ending up with "{}".

This patch emulates the vim way of doing things, and also fixes a logic flaw in innerRange(...) which this fix exposed.  Also fixes another bug in Kate's vim mode where doing a diw on


had no effect.
New tests added; no old tests broken.
Simon St James
Simon St James
Simon St James
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Simon St James
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Erlend Hamberg
Thanks for these patches! Patches like these makes a maintainer really happy. :-)

I looked over and applied all four patches – I think I applied them all without changes. This was really neat stuff, and it's good to see people including tests without me having to ask. ;-)

The test-runner bug was a really good catch. Thanks again!