Device notifier: show mounted device and path

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Jonathan Marten
kde-baseapps, plasma
If a removable device is mounted using the Plasma device notifier, there is no indication of what the Unix name of the device is or where it is mounted.  This information may be useful to the user for (a) accessing the mounted device from non-KDE applications, or (b) troubleshooting mounting or unmounting problems.

The attached patch shows this information when the device is hovered over, just above the "N actions for this device" text.  Depending on whether or not the device is mounted, there are three possibilities that can be shown here:

  /dev/XXX                           when not mounted
  /dev/XXX mounted on /media/YYYY    when mounted
  /dev/XXX mounted                   if mounted but the mount point is not available

Please be gentle, this is my first QML patch :-)
Built kde-workspace with this change, observed operation and display of device notifier with a selection of removable devices.


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