Fixes the autoactivation bug in folders and places panel

Review Request #106381 - Created Sept. 8, 2012 and submitted

Emmanuel Pescosta
Fixes Bug 305783 - dragging a file over a directory
     does not expand the dir => Bug discovered: When you drag a
     item onto a folder-view-item and then move it away
     instantly before the autoactivation event is triggered
     (After 750ms), the folder will be opened anyway.

Fixes Bug 293200 - Drag&drop files in dolphin doesnt preserve origin

I have divided the old review request 106271 into smaller patches.

Comment #3 from review 106271:
> a) We never had any complaints about this inconsistency AFAIK. Note that bug 293200 is about something else. The bug description is very difficult to understand, look at Peter's comment 3 for a summary of what we consider to be 
> the buggy behaviour.

I think this patch should fix this buggy behaviour ;)

Frank Reininghaus
Emmanuel Pescosta
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Commit Hook
Emmanuel Pescosta
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Status: Closed (submitted)