Review request for merging gsoc2012-samxan branch to master.

Review Request #106371 - Created Sept. 7, 2012 and discarded

Samikshan Bairagya
asimha, kulaga
This is the request to review the mergeabilty of the gsoc2012-samxan branch which introduces the "What's Interesting..." feature in KStars.

This feature suggests sky-objects to beginner astronomers depending on such parameters like light pollution and equipment specifications,
in a QML user interface.

Added new "whatsinteresting" directory under kstars/tools/ containing all the source code related to this new feature.
kstars/tools/whatsinteresing/qml comtains all files for the QML UI.



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Is i18n working right now? Rafal Kulaga Rafal Kulaga
I guess we should include that information also in the user interface to be 100% fair. Rafal Kulaga Rafal Kulaga
Should we change this name? "What's interesting in the sky" or something like that would sound better IMO ;-) Rafal Kulaga Rafal Kulaga
Use enums instead of ints. Rafal Kulaga Rafal Kulaga
Somewhat ugly. Rafal Kulaga Rafal Kulaga
Nice job. I will add a few comments to that part as soon as you address issued mention in that ... Rafal Kulaga Rafal Kulaga
Rafal Kulaga
Samikshan Bairagya
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

Discarded by recommendation of asimha: "There's going to be a newer review similar to that sometime very soon"