Make it possible to use Tree models from QML

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Aleix Pol Gonzalez
gateau, mart
This patch adds a component called ListifyModel (yeah, I hate the name too). The idea behind is to expose as a QAbstractListModel any part of a QAbstractItemModel.

This solves the problem we have in QML given the limitation that ListView only displays the first column of the root items. Here we can specify what column we want and what root index we want to have.
There's a passing unit test, albeit limited.
I also tested it with a QML example I had with KPeople. If anybody is interested I can provide it too.


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I don't like the "FullModelAccess" name. It is a model, so to avoid confusion its name should end with "Model". ... Aurélien Gâteau Aurélien Gâteau
Maybe the content of this if() can be replaced with: disconnect(m_sourceModel, 0, this, 0); Given the number of connections, it ... Aurélien Gâteau Aurélien Gâteau
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