Add Biblatex support to Kile.

Review Request #106213 - Created Aug. 26, 2012 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Eugene Shalygin
Three things have to be done for that:
1. Detect biblatex backend and run appropriate tool
2. Fix LaTeX rerun 
3. Detect bibliography resources in new commands

For item 1 we add Add BibTex/Biber tool. Then we capture bibtool name from LaTeX output and try to load bib tools
with the same configuration. If it is not possible, load user default one

For item 2 one needs just to look for "rerun" instead of "Rerun" in the latex output. Solved by adding option Qt::CaseInsensitive in src/kilestdtools.cpp.

For item 3 the follwing soltion is proposed. Add a section "Bibliographies" to latex commands configuration where 4 default commands are provied: \bibliography, \addbibresource, \addglobalbib, and \addsectionbib. These commands are taken for parsing and \bibliography item is removed from static list items in  src/documentinfo.cpp. 
Manual testing by compiling in nornal and LivePreview modes with PDFLaTeX and XeLaTeX specifying different Biblatex backends.