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Gopalakrishna Bhat
This is the first step in realizing [1]. Currently author resides in words/part and will eventually moved out to a directory of its own. This patch is currently a work in progress and to evaluate that we are on the right path.

Currently there is a known issue that various options of the text tool are not shown for the first time when the application is launched(see attached snapshot). Once I explicitly activate the tool by switching to a different tool and back it works fine. Any ideas what can be wrong? 





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Since this is a new file, version should be 1. Arjen Hiemstra Arjen Hiemstra
Most of these actions are automatically merged in. Might want to check which of them are really necessary and remove ... Arjen Hiemstra Arjen Hiemstra
Does it need a read only UI? To me that does not make much sense. Also, version again. Arjen Hiemstra Arjen Hiemstra
Jarosław Staniek
Arjen Hiemstra
José Luis Vergara
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