Make KModifierKeyInfoProvider inherit QObject, rather than QWidget

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Frank Reininghaus
gateau, mleupold
The base class of KModifierKeyInfoProvider is QWidget although it seems that this class does not really need anything that QWidget provides and QObject doesn't.

This seems to be related to Dolphin crashes that can happen with some styles and some particular settings, see also

According to, Aurelien wrote the patch which I'm uploading here. Is there any information on why KModifierKeyInfoProvider was derived from QWidget in the first place, or why Aurelien's patch never made it into kdelibs?

The root cause of the crash is probably something else, but having a class inherit QWidget rather than QObject when it's not actually needed looks strange to me in any case. Unless there's a good reason that I'm overlooking here, of course - in that case, I'm curious what it is :-)

Aurélien Gâteau
David Faure
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