Make "New File -> Text File" create empty file

Review Request #105888 - Created Aug. 6, 2012 and updated

Jekyll Wu
Currently TextFile.txt contains two bytes: 0x20 0x0a

It seems this was the intention behind the trailing space :

    commit d04a9df14daa636cc75666529e3fb01a93f2f508
    Author: Simon Hausmann <>
    Date:   12 years ago

        - adding a single-small-micro-space :) , so that after creating a new
        textfile with Create New->Text File the icon appears correctly

However, A empty "TextFile.txt" is now also recognized as plain text and shown with appropriate icon in dolphin. So that trailing space seem unnecessary now. 

"Create New -> Text File" now creates a empty "TextFile.txt". I haven't noticed the problem mentioned in comment #1 in that bug report.
Christoph Feck
I tried again on today's master with the two characters removed from the template file, and again it creates "Test.doc" when trying to create a file "Test".

Note that I did not enter "Test.txt", but only "Test".

So unless this issue is fixed (nobody wants to see a file called "NEWS.doc", but only "NEWS"), I object.
  1. Here is the requested debug output:
    dolphin(14200) KNewFileMenuPrivate::executeStrategy: mime= "application/x-zerosize" wantedMime= "text/plain" ".doc"