Adjust header including as preparation for Qt5

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Jekyll Wu
Now konsole code uses the form of "#include <Module/Class>" quite consistently for Qt headers. However, some Qt classes are moved into different module in Qt5[1], so some including change is needed to make konsole code work  with *both* Qt4 and Qt5.

The patch simply use the form of "#include <Class>" for those problematic including. 

  * pros: it is the easy fix
  * cons: it introduces inconsistency 

Another solution is combining #ifdef and the QT_VERSION macro to use different including for Qt4 and Qt5.

  * pros: it keeps consistency
  * cons: it means more work and looks ugly 

Or just switch to using "#include <Class>" for all Qt headers, but I feel that is overkill.

I'm inclined to the easy solution. 


Francesco Cecconi
Francesco Cecconi
Kurt Hindenburg
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