enhance performance at updating KWallet Editor Tree

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Martin Koller
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mleupold, rkcosta
I have > 340 entries in "Form Data" in the wallet. When opening the wallet editor, it takes about 9 Seconds until the tree is displayed!
I investigated the problem and found out that this is due to 2 reasons:
1.) The list of entries is checked against existing entries in the tree, which is done by linear search in the given entries list and in the tree
    which results in a quadratic complexity.
2.) unneeded duplicate dbus calls

I solved the first by using QSet for fast lookup and I reduced the second problem by avoiding a duplicate, unneeded query over dbus



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This is not your fault as it was that way before, but shouldn't this be translatable? I guess RTL languages ... Rolf Eike Beer Rolf Eike Beer
Well, it doesn't really refresh anymore, if you use a cache :-) The whole point of this method is to ... David Faure David Faure
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