Multiple EngineController and related fixes, incl. fix for release_blocker bug 299890 (squashed commits, recent on top)

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Matěj Laitl
EngineController: don't do serious work in slotAboutToFinish()

...because slotAboutToFinish() may be called twice (or not at all) per
track by some Phonon backends (hi, vlc) - increase play count rather in
slotNewTrackPlaying() or in slotFinished(). This also needs to change
how m_currentTrack is handled, because slotNewTrackPlaying() needs to
have the old one in m_currentTrack.

Also, PlaylistActions::requestNextTrack() is changed to be a read-only
method that shouldn't change playlist state especially when there is no
next track. PlaylistActions::reflectPlaybackFinished() is introduced to
do the thing and is called from EngineController::slotFinished(), which
is a much better place for it than slotAboutToFinish().

Reporters of CCed bugs, please re-test your bug with this commit
applied, it is possible it has been resolved by this patch.

BUG: 299890
CCBUG: 268892
CCBUG: 277197
CCBUG: 302652
CCBUG: 303580
CCBUG: 302240

MetaStream: match track by QUrl, not by QString

Fixes a bug where MetaStram::Track didn't update tags here because
pretty url was used in signal, but it compared against encoded url
(the one with %20 instead of spaces).

MetaStream: big clean-up, implement play statistics methods

 * remove many unused and useless methods such as setTitle() and
 * additionally take genre, comment, track number from Engine
   Controller's signal
 * implement rating, score, first & last play and play count. These are
   rather debugging tool for EngineController, but they also give you
   nice info on how many songs have played in the stream
 * no need to reimplement observer pattern, use MetaBase implementation
 * implement length, EngineController will emit length info soon

EngineController: introduce trackFinishedPlaying() signal

Used do call track->finishedPlaying() now, to be used in
scrobbling when it is emitted for streams, too.

EngineController: reduce code duplication among play() and stop()

EngineController: rework slotMetaDataChanged(), nearly no functional change

 * get data from Phonon to meta QVariantMap more intelligently
 * m_lastTrack and trackChanged had effect only in debug message, ditch
 * note that m_currentTrack may be inaccurate there
 * rename isMetadataSpam() to isInRecentMetaDataHistory() to describe
   the functionality better
 * less debug() spam, specifically be rather quiet for duplicate
   signals from phonon
 * Phonon doesn't provide track length, but it does provide track
   description that we save as "comments" now.
 * trackData() method was unused and likely meant for
   slotMetaDataChanged(); ditch it
Works for me, fixes mentioned bug and more smaller glitches.
Matěj Laitl
Matěj Laitl
Matěj Laitl
Bart Cerneels
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