StatSyncing GSoC week 6 (squashed commits, recent on top)

Review Request #105409 - Created July 2, 2012 and discarded

Matěj Laitl
schweingruber, shanachie
StatSyncing: better sizeHint()s, UI fixes, clean-ups

StatSyncing: paint rating beautifully using stars

StatSyncing: implement auto-synchronize on startup and collection appearance

Only collections previously checked and collections that are
synchronized by default (Local and iPod collections currently) and not
unchecked participate in automatic synchronization.

StatSyncing: Implement saving of synchronized providers and fields

plus reduce heuristics so that stats of UMSCollection can be tried too.

StatSyncing: Back button in the matched tracks dialog

plus cleanup some memory management etc.

StatSyncing: GUI: add page for the first step of the synchronization

 * Providers can be chosen
 * Fields can be chosen
 * Additional info is displayed

Revert Meta::Track::recentPlayCount() addition, use Capability instead

RecentStatsCapability is introduced by this commit and implemented by
IpodMeta, StatSyncing is adapted to it.
Everything works as described and documented AFAICS.
Matěj Laitl
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

GSoC 2012 has ended, I will post complete review when the code is seady for merging into master.