Konqueror: add option to hide/show status bar

Review Request #105337 - Created June 23, 2012 and submitted

Jonathan Marten
The referenced bug suggested this option to cover the case where web sites opened new windows (via JS) without user interface elements, if this is the case there is no way to bring back the status bar which can show important information.  A patch was posted (http://lists.kde.org/?l=kfm-devel&m=122885401907547&w=2) a long time ago, but it was rejected because Konqueror's handling of the status bar is special (each view has its own status bar) and the patch took no account of that.

Hopefully this updated patch does.  The menu option only toggles the status bar of the current view - I did think about making it do the status bars of all of the views simultaneously but was not sure whether this would be the right thing to do.  Of course, for a single view in the window, the option does what is expected anyway.

There are GUI changes but no I18N strings (the KStandardAction is used).
Built Konqueror with these changes, tested with file management and web browsing profiles with various window splits.
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