add support for network zones

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Lukáš Tinkl
NetworkManager has had support for FirewallD [1] and Network Zones [2]
since [3].

This patch adds one combo box that enables to change the network zone.
This box is visible only when FirewallD is running.


(on behalf of Jiri Popelka <>)



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Lukáš Tinkl
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Kai Uwe Broulik
Could you check if your ifdefs are properly working?
On my machine, NM happily compiles but then refuses to create any connection (dropped me back in my workplan an entire week). When I removed that patch, it worked fine again. 
  1. Do you have firewalld installed? The patch should not affect anyone without firewalld installed (like me).
  2. I have just pushed a fix for the problem. Please test and check if it works now.
  3. Hi Lamarque, 
    I am running PNM on openSUSE Factory (12.2) and am 100% sure that I do not have firewalld installed. However even with the current latest snapshot from GIT, I can not add any new connections. Even trying to add a wired connection through the Network Settings KCM fails with the error message "error adding connection". Existing connections can be used, but new ones cannot be saved. 
  4. I have just pushed a new fix, git pull and try again. In case of master you also must update QtNetworkManager (former libnm-qt).
  5. Hi Lamarque,
    After this latest update I am able to create new connections again. So I guess we can mark this little bugger as fixed. Thanks for your support.