StatSyncing GSoC week 4 (squashed commits, recent on top)

Review Request #105280 - Created June 17, 2012 and discarded

Matěj Laitl
schweingruber, shanachie
StatSyncing: mass conflict resolution using "Take Ratings From" button

StatSyncing: proper capitalization

StatSyncing: MatchedTracksPage remember which tuples are expanded

StatSyncing: Status bar line in MatchedTracksPage

StatSyncing: support for recent playcount for more accurate synchronization

Meta::Track: add recentPlayCount() and implement is in relevant subclasses

Recent playcount is needed for reliable statistics synchronization, but
I know no devices other that iPods supporting it. So I'm not really sure
whether adding it to Meta::Track is justifiable, but this is a start.

Another option would be a custom Capability for this, let me know what
you prefer.

StatSyncing: disable "Updated" and "Conflicting" tracks item when there are none

StatSyncing: factor MatchedTracksPage out of Process

Process got too crowdy.

StatSyncing: more convenient rating conflict detection

...don't detect conflicts for collections that cannot write ratings

Matěj Laitl
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

GSoC 2012 has ended, I will post complete review when the code is seady for merging into master.