Append, not prepend, items to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH

Review Request #105126 - Created June 1, 2012 and discarded

Alex Merry
buildsystem, kdepimlibs
Append, not prepend, items to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH

In KdepimLibsConfig.cmake, we previously prepended the cmake module path
to CMAKE_MODULE_PATH.  This could interfere with projects that want to
override a FindFoo.cmake script from this location (eg: provided by some
KDE package) with one in their own source tree.

For example, it can break the build of Calligra which has a
FindMarble.cmake script that is incompatible with one provided by some
other KDE software.

(Question: why is this line even needed?)

Allen Winter
Alex Merry
Alex Merry
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Status: Discarded