Provide an mpris2 interface for rekonq to control html5 media elements

Review Request #105059 - Created May 26, 2012 and discarded

Anton Kreuzkamp
This patch addes a mpris2-compliant dbus-interface to rekonq that allows controling html5-video and -audio elements from e.g. the nowplaying-plasmoid.
This is espacially useful together with youtube's html5-player and the plasmoid PlayControl (which allows to assign global shortcuts to mediaplayer-actions (so you can pause all mediaplayers with the same mediacontrol-keys))
With this patch rekonq aggregates all opened media elements and provides one interface to dbus (providing one interface per media element is not possible with mpris) that contains the data of
and sends commands recieved via dbus to the last active mediaplayer (that was last loaded or changed its playback-status most recently).
The communication to the media element happens via javascript.
Comprehensive tests with different html5 mediaplayers (audio and video) and different mpris-controllers. No problems anymore.
Andrea Diamantini
Anton Kreuzkamp
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

I think this is too much for a browser. More over, I'm sure that providing just control over HTML5 elements will "suggest" people to open bugs about missing flash support for this.