StatSyncing GSoC week 1 (squashed commits, recent on top)

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Matěj Laitl
schweingruber, shanachie
StatSyncing: move to amaroklib, back-end for collections, track matching

This commit implements following changes/features:
 * bury because CollectionManager in in amaroklib,
   there would be circular dependency which is not possible. StatSyncing
   is not part of amaroklib and built from src/CMakeLists.txt
 * a bridge between Amarok Collections, Meta and StatSyncing is
   implemented in statsyncing/collection. This means that StatSyncing can
   "see" collections and collection tracks, yay!
 * TrackDelegate comparisons are overhauled to be more intuitive to use
   and flexible because they accept comparison mask now
 * MatchTracksJob is implemented and called by Synchronize Statistics...
   action, it will match tracks from all visible collections

How to test: plug in all devices that show up as collection in Amarok,
start Amarok in console as amarok --debug. Hit "Synchronize Statistics...
from the Tools menu and watch all the beauty that appears in debugging
log. Notice the UI is still responsive while matching because it happens
in a background thread. I'm interested in first and last screen of that
debugging output, you may pastebin it and ping strohel at #amarok (IRC)
about it. Thanks. :-)

StatSyncing: introduce core (abstract) classes and Controller

This is the start of my GSoC project. Speaking about code layout,
StatSyncing is put into separate library: amarok-statsyncing that
links amarokcore and is linked by amaroklib. Statistics synchronization
is nicely isolated that way; I was more than inspired by transcoding
code when I designed this.

From other code statistics synchronization is accessible through

This change also adds new action to the Tools menu:
"Synchronize Statistics..." that currently does nothing but emits
a line into debugging log. :-)

Matěj Laitl
Matěj Laitl
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