show video previews according to file content instead of mimetype string

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Hui Ni
dolphin, kde-baseapps
This patch makes dolphin information panel to show a video widget depending on the video content instead of mimetype string.
There are container formats which can be either audios or videos.
Besides, the rmvb video files have mimetype of "application/vnd.rn-realmedia", and these files can be recognized as videos correctly now.
with no more regressions.
Hui Ni
Hui Ni
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Hui Ni
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Peter Penz
Thanks a lot for the patch, looks good! I've just tested it: It works fine and I've pushed it to master. I initially was a little bit confused about the semantics of the hasVideoChanged()-signal and wanted to adjust the name of the signal. But I've seen you've taken the same name as Phonon uses in the MediaObject and probably we should stay consistent here. So I've only added a small comment to the signal...