Use the focus proxy, if present, as parent of KonqPopupMenu

Review Request #104890 - Created May 9, 2012 and discarded

Dawit Alemayehu
The following patch changes the parent widget used when creating a context menu in Konqueror. This is done to prevent unnecessary redraw that seems to occur when clicking on a kwebkitpart component that is currently displaying a flash movie. See bug#298744 for further details. 

What makes the problem even more confounding is the fact that if the page playing the flash movie is reloaded, either before or after clicking the RMB, then clicking the RMB button to display the context menu afterwards works just fine. It is just the first click that causes the bug.
Made sure the bug reported in bug #298744 is gone after testing the patch.
David Faure
Dawit Alemayehu
Review request changed

Status: Discarded