Add warning for searching the complete file system

Review Request #104826 - Created May 2, 2012 and discarded

Andre Heinecke
In my company it regularly happens that some "non technical" person, e.g. a secretary or a marketing guy tries to find a file he or she has no idea where it is placed.
When they use kfind to search the complete file system without using locate this pretty much means a DOS attack on our company network with loads of NFS shares etc.

Searching the complete filesystem is nearly always wrong but as users are used to it from "Search my Computer" or other indexed search options they might not realize it.

This Patch adds a confirmation dialog if you want to search / or file:/// recursively without using locate warning you that this might take a very long time and is a resource intensive operation
Compiled, tested with regular paths, as well as / and file:///
Mark Gaiser
Andre Heinecke
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

The warning is just annoying a better option would be to make it configurable if you want to include network file systems