Actually use ExecuteBrowserPlugin in XDebugJob

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Dominik Schmidt
kdevelop, quanta
Currently the XDebugJob always uses QDesktopServices::openUrl() to open the debug page in the browser, this patch makes use of the ExecuteBrowserPlugin instance that is already present in XDebug job so the configured browser is launched.

Also it makes BrowserAppJob launch the external browser KProc with .startDetached() instead of .execute() to prevent freezing of the KDevelop GUI.

Arguments are currently ignored still, a patch for that is following

Feel free to nitpick, I haven't done any KDE coding in a while and would like to hear any suggestion for improvements :-)
It works ... ;-)


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this is unstable, it will crash as soon as the executebrowserplugin is disabled, or is that a requirement of the ... Milian Wolff Milian Wolff
is it ok to emit the result directly? or should one wait for the "started" signal (that should exist afaik)? ... Milian Wolff Milian Wolff
I don't understand this comment after the e.g. part - could you rephrase this? or give a proper example? what ... Milian Wolff Milian Wolff
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