QML Lock/logout applet

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Viranch Mehta
This patch essentially contains the new QML lock logout applet, along with required changes to powermanagement engine.

The patch contains *some* irrelevant code too (in powermanagement data engine) since the same branch has QML battery applet. So it'd be best to checkout plasma/viranch/powermanagementservices branch and compile plasma/generic/{applets/lockout,dataengines/powermanagement} instead of using the attached patch.

Two pending issues with the applet:
- There is no shine on the icons on hover.
- Sleep/Hibernate actions do not ask for confirmation, as does the current C++ version

Comments welcome on this thread :)
- Tested inside horizontal/vertical panels and floating on desktop, sizing works as expected.
- There may be some unexpected behavior if the panel containing the applet is changed from being horizontal to vertical or vice-versa.
Kai Uwe Broulik
Marco Martin
Viranch Mehta
Viranch Mehta
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