Allow user Java/C++ interaction

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Tyler Mandry
Allows interaction between user Java and user C/C++ (JNI) code, by loading the user's code in the main class loader. bug: 140

This removes everything in src/android/cpp. qtmain_android.cpp is no more and is now integrated into src/plugins/platforms/android/src/androidjnimain.cpp. It seemed fitting to integrate startQtApp() into the same file as pauseQtApp() and resumeQtApp(). (Additionally this removes redundant copied code, and simplifies how necessitas projects work and are built.)

New library should be fully compatible with apps *already built* with old versions (before this change.) To build against the new library, existing projects simply need to update their file.

This doesn't support using JNI with bundled libs. We have to be careful to load certain bundled libs (maybe only the plugin .so) in the delegate class loader, so I could break certain apps by making such a switch. Need a way to categorize the type of bundled lib, in order to decide which class loader to use.
Tested on a Galaxy Nexus and a Nexus One.
New libraries run both old and new apps.
New libraries support JNI interaction.


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