Hide action buttons at certain icon sizes

Review Request #104413 - Created March 26, 2012 and submitted

Ignat Semenov
aseigo, fredrik
This patch disables action icons if they cover the actual icon. Thus, tthe buttons being enabled depends on the grid size, the icon size and the svg margin size.

I've tried a lot of different approaches in order to write the shortest and most transparent code, hope the current one is fine from this perspective. Please pay attention to design and incapsulation issues, I'm not a good designer at all.
Tested, works.

I still wonder, however, why we can't have a checkbox to disable the dreaded "+" button.. although the patch submitted in thei review request should go in regardless of such a checkbox being added because at some icon sizes, the action icons are a plain annoyance, indeed.
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Ignat Semenov
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