All features related to supernovae implemented.

Review Request #104403 - Created March 25, 2012 and submitted

Samikshan Bairagya
asimha, kulaga
Request to review local 'sok' branch before merging it to 'master'.
Features added: 
1. Notification for supernovae updates.
2. Page for supernovae options in KStars options.
3. Supernovae in OpenGL backend.

Review required on these points:
1. Check if the supernova icon is visible on the view toolbar and on KStars options window.
2. Check if bug #293183 is being generated.
3. Rendering of supernovae in OpenGL backend. Are the plus signs distorted?
1. Tested page for supernova options for bug #293183, for all projections.
2. No bugs found for supernova updates notification.
Samikshan Bairagya
Review request changed

Status: Closed (submitted)