Present Windows TabBox Layout + key navigation in TabBox

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Martin Flöser
This is a multi commit review request (yes I'm also lazy;-)

@Aurélien: I added you to the request as you recently had shown interest in the QML switchers. So any comments on this new layout are appreciated.

I consider this layout as a good replacement for the old box-switch effect showing all thumbnails but just in a much better way. And I am thinking about whether this could be a good default.

Present Windows like Window Switcher layout
This layout is intended to replace the TabBox mode in Present Windows effect.
The advantages of a layout over the effect are:
* works without compositing
* supports multi-screen in a better way (windows don't move)
* is an overlay on top of the windows instead of reusing the windows
* is not a hack inside the actual effect
* visually consistent with other layouts

Add proper key navigation to layout based window switchers
The grabbed key events inside TabBox are forwarded to the declarative view which passes it to the normal keyPressedEvent() method. This allows the QML files to handle keyboard navigation themselves.
The views support key navigation natively, though this cannot be used as we need to update the ModelIndex when a new item is selected. Also there seems to be a problem if the tabbox is shown again, in that case the focus seems to be somehow lost. Because of that the navigation is handled in the Item embedding the list.



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