Always request small icons for Konqueror's status bar.

Review Request #104071 - Created Feb. 24, 2012 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Dawit Alemayehu
The attached patch fixes the issue of the status bar becoming huge when, for whatever reason, the requested icon could not be found and a default icon is returned instead. In this case the code that was requesting the Konqueror status bar indicator icons was using the convenience function UserIcon from KIconLoader. 

The problem with using UserIcon is that the size of the icon returned is completely dependent upon the actual size of the requested icon on disk. If the icon is large, then a large icon is returned. As such when the icon cache is utterly corrupted for whatever reason and returns some default icon with its default (actual) size, Konqueror's status bar balloons to one quarter of the main window size. Not what we want. To avoid this, the patch converts the code to use KIconLoader::loadIcon with the icon size set to KIconLoader::SizeSmall instead of the related convenience function.