File transfer resuming and modeless dialogs

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Daniele E. Domenichelli
283003, 283004
This is a cumulative patch that fixes a few bugs in the file-transfer handler:
 - Save the file as .part and renames the file at the end
 - Allows to resume file transfer
 - Rename and resume dialogs are modeless
 - A few small bugs
 - Some cleanup

Sorry if it is a bit messy, but I've being working on all of them at the same time...
Check the branch on my clone repository for single commits:

This is the list of the commits:
450cd114e7181c6b53303ecb8938cfce044d9a88 Unregister jobs when killed
ad2b896874be76276bf49a1fb91f52d7c7947b13 Do not set error when user kills the jobs, set it on file transfer cancelled instead
d29a8b101f44b762d51c86a7fd758f0d4ce8cdda Handle initialOffsetDefined signal
32df541d679670c015c2d4db2acc78fc762a61ff Save url in private class
65c86acf0c56757b84ae6d335c53fb70fb7a5e73 Use .part file while downloading and rename the file at the end
43a1969b8e3cb2a31b82d668a8ce2f4c69bf7137 Make rename dialog modeless and show a dialog to resume file transfer
245be81945c5ea3116749742c9401b9d0f4d4918 Fix processed amount
2872c3f3e672701b32f187301a4445f75f3a8714 Do some cleanup when ft is cancelled
94b572d85c5256bc30481e49e63bf72b6217e08e Unregister jobs later
b765dd12801b4c5295b9e30e994dc633a0fbf259 Register incoming file transfer job only after it is accepted
c961eb8af77d87bce46ed7187916fe0be89a52eb start() and kill() methods no longer need to be asynchronous
f2435bf212def2ec246dfae45f2debeb6c7ebde4 kill() does not need to be asyncronous
378d2d00c7861689e04c8b0edac9ab3bb2a51e98 Show a message if file transfer cannot be resumed
4ee89d37e1f4e849e48c70d8116bdec7a2a7300c Overwrite .part file if user hits cancel on resume file dialog
1287712ab621b435a715b188985c0f062a43a9b4 Normalize signal signature
Resuming file transfer works
Dialogs are now modeless
There is still some problem with the empty file not deleted sometime, I will fix it later (That's a bug I can fix during the freeze :P )
Dario Freddi
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Daniele E. Domenichelli
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Status: Closed (submitted)