Do not try to hide the current part's widget when switching views

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Dawit Alemayehu
258278, 267215
The attach patch fixes the issue stated in the aforementioned bug report. More specifically if you split a directory view in Konqueror and attempt to preview a embeded inside of the view that does not have the focus, you get a very weird behavior that randomly affects both sides of the split view. For the description of the problem and how to reproduce it, see the bug report.

The fix was to simply comment out the code that attempt to hide the widget of the current view (inside KonqView::switchView) before switching out the dolphin part (filemanagement) for the part that is going to show the content to be previewed. When this piece of code is removed KonqViewManager::doSetActivePart is not somehow invoked with the current DolphinPart as the part to be set as the active one. Why that happens I do not know. However, after watching what happens when attempting to reproduce BR# 258278, I am tempted to say that this fix might actually resolve several other bug reports where clicking on a file to preview it in Konqueror did not result in the correct outcome. For example, see bug 279937, bug 280364 and bug 282283.

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