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Dominik Schmidt
I'm sorry this patch got so massive, I spent 4 hours trying to split it up and do a proper review request with no success :-(

Anyways, you can take a look at my branch with more granular commits:
kde:clones/telepathy-text-ui/dschmidt/telepathy-text-ui gomental

Now to the patch:
It adds backlog functionality (currently a hardcoded amount of messages) to the chat widget via telepathy-logger-qt4. I made it an optional dep cause that lib is not released yet and I want to replace it with logs retrieved from Nepomuk for 0.3.

All logic interacting with that lib is encapsulated in the LogManager class, so it will be easy to do that change.
Yes, compiled with -DWITH_TelepathyLoggerQt4=ON and -DWITH_TelepathyLoggerQt4=OFF and both builds work.


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Is there a reason why don't you set "this" as parent? Daniele E. Domenichelli Daniele E. Domenichelli
Pedantic point, coding style says LogManager *logManager; David Edmundson David Edmundson
foreach (foo) { //note placement first brace. } David Edmundson David Edmundson
This is broken. If the chatView isn't ready yet this will all explode. Discussed on IRC David Edmundson David Edmundson
Dominik Schmidt
Daniele E. Domenichelli
Dominik Schmidt
David Edmundson
David Edmundson
Dominik Schmidt
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