Standard Actions KCM: Hide global column, and fix group name

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Ralf Jung
This patch attempts to fix . It also fixes the problem that the action group had the title "Unknown" by setting it manually.
The same string also appears at the beginning of StandardActionsModule::StandardActionsModule - does that mean it can be backported?

I hope I added the right people as reviewers... I could not find a kde-workspace group and was told in IRC that plasma mostly deals with that.
Compile-tested, logged in and verified that the column indeed disappeared and the group name was fixed.
Ralf Jung
Christoph Feck
Ralf Jung
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Committed as 14f173d4babe19dabfa4f886f3e519668c5d76ca and ac13c4596050f79f66eb648a0c9513a5798138ea. Thanks!