Elevation Profile Plugin

Review Request #102557 - Created Sept. 9, 2011 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Florian E├čer
This is a plugin for displaying the elevation profile of a routing route within Marble.

It is very helpful to plan hiking or cycling routes, with it is more easy to optimise the route with regard to the terrain gradient.
For the task of sub-optimizing longer routes, there is also the option to "zoom to viewport", i.e. to only plot the part of the route that is currently visible on screen.
If you hover the mouse over the graph, it shows the current position and elevation under the cursor.

Since most routing runners in Marble (at least OpenRouteService) do not provide elevation data with their routes, it will automatically download the required SRTM3 *.hgt files from http://dds.cr.usgs.gov/srtm/version2_1/SRTM3/ into $LocalMarbleDir/srtm/ and fetch the elevation data from them.
(At the moment only for Eurasia, I still need to do the continent mapping for the rest of the world...)

It is planned to support non-routing tracks (like opened *.gpx or *.kml files) too, as soon as I find the time to implement this.
Used it to plan a longer bicycle route.

Automatic SRTM Download for other continents than "Eurasia" not yet supported, but will be soon.