KVersionControlPlugin2 interface to implement add some features not available in current interface.

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Vishesh Yadav
dolphin, kde-baseapps
doerner, ppenz
Added KVersionControlPlugin2 interface to let version control plugins be able to show context menu anywhere not just in repositories. Will be useful to implement commands like Clone(in Git, Hg) or Checkout(in SVN). Part of GSoC project "Mercurial Plugin for Dolphin" http://goo.gl/6B2ly

Not much changes. Just added one function right now. 
Yes. With my Mercurial plugin and modified Dolphin 1.7 source code, whose patch I havent posted as Dolphin 2 is now coming up.
Sebastian Dörner
Vishesh Yadav
Review request changed
Sebastian Dörner
Looks good to me. Peter, are you fine with this? The plugin itself will follow next.
  1. @Frank: I'm fine with the interface extensions!
    @Vishesh: Thanks for the patch, it looks fine. Please give me a little bit time to get Dolphin 2 into a state where it shows the version plugin states again, I plan to be finished during the next 10 days with this (~ 16. September). I'd like to take the chance when having a KVersionControlPlugin2 interface to also fix some const-errors of the previous interface. But to test this I need first to get back the version control plugins functionality in Dolphin 2 :-)
  2. Ok. So I should put this patch on hold atm, right?
  3. Yes, please. I'll contact you as soon as the patch can be merged.
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