Adjustable route overlay color and transparency

Review Request #102540 - Created Sept. 6, 2011 and updated - Latest diff uploaded

Florian E├čer
The patch from


I had the same problem myself recently.

So here's a patch that adds an option "Adjust track color" in the
track's context menu just below "Export route".

Todo / Possible enhancements:
* make all the different route types (e.g. deviated from route)
  configurable, not just the standard one. Right now, only the alpha
  values get adjusted for all track types/colors.
* save/load to config file
** and then: button to restore the nice marble defaults if you have
   experimented to much ;-)


On 28.08.2011 09:48, Robin Seidel wrote:
> hi, thanks for the great marble!!! I have one wish: could you allow 
> to adjust the transparency of the route overlay, so one can see the 
> track beneath, this would be especially helpful for walking routes, 
> where one may not want to take the smallest paths. Once the route is
>  found one can currently not easily see what's beneath.
> best regards
> robin
I haven't tested it it with the Qt-only version yet. (--> kcfg ??)