Add buttons to save and load routes as *.kml file from within the Routing Widget.

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Florian Eßer
I often use Marble's routing ability to plan somewhat longer routes with a lot
of manually-tweaked waypoints (e.g. for cycling). I would like to be able not
only to export the final gpx/kml file of the route, but also to save and reload
it's "source" (the waypoints).

Basically, this functionality is already built in. The recently edited route is
automatically saved to ~/.local/share/marble/routing/route.kml and restored on
startup. But if I just quickly want to plan another route inbetween, all the
previous work on the "big" route is gone.

Since I don't like to manually backup and restore the route.kml every time, I
created this small patch to add save and load buttons to the RoutingWidget.
It worked for me...
Torsten Rahn
Florian Eßer
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Florian Eßer
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