Change konqueror tabs look and feel

Review Request #102519 - Created Sept. 2, 2011 and discarded

Cedric Bellegarde
This patch change konqueror tabs behaviours with fixed size like in firefox, rekonq, ...

Tabs size is fixed and text is adapted to this size.



Cedric Bellegarde
Cedric Bellegarde
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Raphael Kubo da Costa
Would it fix any bug report/wishlist item?
Stefan Majewsky
A quick search on b.k.o did not turn anything up, although I for one would immediately open one now that I know there isn't one. (Note that I != submitter.)
konqueror/src/konqtabs.cpp (Diff revision 3)
As far as I can see, there is no provision for making the tabs smaller when there are many of them, like in Firefox and Rekonq.
Bellegarde, I think it would be more appropriate to add this functionality to KTabBar, e.g. KTabBar::setUseUniformTabSize(bool), with the default being false for compatibility reasons.

I'm a bit disappointed that an important point of the whole "uniform tab size" model is missing in this and also in the Rekonq implementation. In Firefox and Chrome, when there are many tabs, so the tab size is smaller than the default, and you close some of the tabs, the tab size is not adapted immediately, but only when the cursor leaves the tabbar. This is extremely useful because it allows to close multiple tabs at once by just clicking at the same spot again and again.

Speaking of implementation, all you would have to add is calculating and applying an optimal tab size (something like qMin(200, tabBar.size() / tabBar.count())) in the leaveEvent (and when a new tab is added). If you could do that (in KTabBar), that would rock hard.
Thomas Zander
Showing less text even when you have the space for it sounds like its not an improvement to me.
  1. I have to agree with Thomas here, but the iPhone showed people like flashiness over usefulness so maybe we are just two detached from reality