Dolphin zoom with CTRL+MouseWheel

Review Request #102490 - Created Aug. 30, 2011 and submitted

Vishesh Yadav
Zoom DolphinView when mouse wheel is scrolled with CRTL button pressed.
Peter Penz
Thanks, this is a good idea :-) I could not try the patch myself yet but it looks fine.
Please move the 'if' above the line:
   KItemList* view = ...
As 'view' is not used within the new 'if'
Dominik Haumann

dolphin/src/views/dolphinview.cpp (Diff revision 1)
Just a maybe:
if event->delta() is < 8, numDegrees rounds to 0 due to the int conversion. Same for numSteps. I'm not sure whether this can happen, but I remember a similar issue somewhere else (was it in Kate?)...
  1. Thanks for the hint, I've added this to my TODO-list - hope I find some time to check this before the 2.0 release of Dolphin (still there are so many things that must be fixed first ;-))
  2. Funnily, the patch works exactly as in the Qt documentation suggested:
    So maybe it's completely fine this way.