accept KAssitantDialog when calling next() on last page and if that is valid

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Milian Wolff
The apidox for KAssitantDialog::next says:

         * Called when the user clicks the Next/Finish button.
         * This function will show the next relevant page in the sequence.
         * If the current page is the last page, it will call accept()

The last sentence is actually not true and this patch introduces this behavior.
You can add this before the "return a.exec();" in kassistantdialogtest.cpp to verify that it now works as intended:

  for(int i = 1; i < 11; i++)
	QMetaObject::invokeMethod(dlg, "next", Qt::QueuedConnection);
Aaron J. Seigo

kdeui/dialogs/kassistantdialog.cpp (Diff revision 1)
should probably be changed to use kdelibs style ...
  1. I just used the surrounding code style, but I can change it if you want.
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