Find list items by typing their initial letters.

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Tirtha Chatterjee
This patch allows finding items by typing on the keyboard while the KItemListController is in focus. Timer and key queuing is handled by KItemListKeyboardManager, and search itself is done by reimplementing indexForKeyboardSearch(QString) from KItemModelBase. This implementation does not, at the moment, take care of the repetitive typing as suggested by Frank. I think we can implement that once this is in.

p.s. Not sure if line 213 in kitemlistcontroller.cpp is the best way to do it. Returning true does not work.
p.s. I feel the name KItemListKeyboardManager can be changed to KItemListKeyboardSearchManager, although a little too big.
yes. tested and works.
Tirtha Chatterjee
Peter Penz
Tirtha Chatterjee
Frank Reininghaus
Tirtha Chatterjee
Review request changed
Peter Penz
Looks fine! Please just push it to master after fixing the minor const-comments.
  1. Pushed to master. I forgot to mention the review number in the commit message.
  2. if you forget the review # in the commit message, then please close the review manually so that we know it's been submitted. thanks :)
Please remove the 'const' from searchFromNextItem.
const bool
const qint64
Add a . at the end of the sentence
I agree with Frank regarding the bool-parameter. However I'd suggest to get the code pushed to master like this, as it is an internal interface. Probably it might be more readable to have 2 signals here but let's postpone this discussion...