Allow to configure email indexing in Nepomuk KCM

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Volker Krause
This adds an option to the Nepomuk KCM to disable email full text indexing. It's somewhat comparable to file system indexing in terms of resource usage, so there has been demand for such an option and this seems to be the natural place to put it.

This goes together with a number of patches to kdepim that make KMail and the email indexing agent honor this setting, which have been committed already.

Sebastian Trueg
Volker Krause
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Sure, from a technical POV this doesn't belong here. In an (currently not even existing) Akonadi KCM, I could also use real API instead of magic config files and D-Bus calls. However, I don't think that's what users expect :)
I've updated the patch now to hide the setting if Akonadi is not installed.


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Volker Krause
Ping? If there are no objections I'll commit this next week.
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