Implement automatic scanning of source code for required data engines

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Kevin Kofler
For packages in scripting languages and distributed through OCS, this is fully
automatic and triggered from Package::installPackage. If an
X-Plasma-RequiredDataEngines entry is present in the .desktop file (even if
empty), the dependency extraction is not run and the explicitly provided
information is trusted instead.

For native distribution packages, we ship a tool called
plasma-dataengine-depextractor which can be run at any time during the build
process and which adds the dependency information to the relevant .desktop file.

Authors of plasmoids are encouraged to run plasma-dataengine-depextractor and/or
fill in X-Plasma-RequiredDataEngines manually. (Please note that the list is
expected to be comma-separated.)

This is the final portion of my GSoC 2011 project.
Compiles on Fedora 15.

Tested plasma-dataengine-depextractor on the weather plasmoid, it detected the dependency on the weather dataengine correctly and wrote a valid X-Plasma-RequiredDataEngines entry into the .desktop file.
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Kevin Kofler
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