"paste & go" action in urlbar's context menu

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Johannes Tröscher
"paste & go" action in urlbar's context menu
this feature is also available in firefox
compiles and works.


Johannes Tröscher
Pierre Rossi
Johannes Tröscher
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Andrea Diamantini

src/urlbar/urlbar.cpp (Diff revision 3)
uhm... what if standard context menu changes?
  1. a new one is created each time. :)
  2. Yes :)
    What if it "changes everytime" i.e. a couple of actions are inserted at start, so that the position after "paste" is no more the 6th. I understand this is not so probable, just my constant value internal alert :D
  3. Wait, what ?!!??  I hadn't seen this 6 in there !!! And I only read your comment, so I thought you worried about adding the action even when the clipboard is empty.
    Ok, so that one is an obvious blunder, and I missed it :) i'd say addAction would be enough, maybe with a addSeparator just before that.
  4. mhh in order to be in the right location (that makes more sense for the user), it'd probably be even better to look for the paste action and insert after it.
  5. this 6 is the paste action. i just wanted to insert the "paste and go" action after it, but yeah, it's a bit hackish :D
  6. Anyway, if we decide to go for a "custom" context menu, the problem will be fixed anyway. Johannes?
  7. i'm working on it :)
Andrea Diamantini
In general, I really like this addition. Anyway, studying firefox/chromium urlbar contextual menu I thought we can change it in the following way:

paste & go
paste & search
edit search engines

So, removing undo/redo actions, adding a couple of new ones there customizing it. What do you guys think?
  1. sounds good !