Dolphin's preview configuration doesn't support over 2 GB files.

Review Request #102319 - Created Aug. 13, 2011 and submitted

Jussi Judin
Fix Dolphin's preview settings to support larger preview sizes than 2 GB in size. Reported as KDE bug 280034.
Steps to Reproduce:
Input 9999 megabytes to maximum preview size and save configuration. Then close configuration and go to the preview settings again and notice that the maximum preview size is not 9999 megabytes.

Expected Results:  
Maximum preview size should be the one entered in the input box after saving Dolphin's configuration.
Peter Penz
Thanks for the patch, looks fine! Please push it to master (if you don't have a git-account please let me know and I'll push it for you)
  1. No I don't so you need to do it.
  2. I've pushed it to master now :-)
  3. Jussi, please close this review as committed.