Trigger installation of missing components when installing a package

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Kevin Kofler
This is another part of my GSoC 2011 work.

For script engines, the existing metadata (X-Plasma-API) is sufficient.

For data engines, we introduce a new metadata entry:
X-Plasma-RequiredDataEngines. Third-party packages will have to add this entry
to benefit from this feature at this time. Automatic support for scanning
package source code on installation (at least for some languages) is planned,
but the metadata entry is definitely the most efficient method.
Verified that it compiles without errors and that it successfully prompts for a missing Python script engine right after installing a Python widget (I used Veromix for my test) through KHNS (not only when actually using it) on Fedora 15. Also verified that there is no such prompt if plasma-scriptengine-python is already installed.

(The patch is against master (4.8), but applies without changes to the kdelibs 4.6.5 in Fedora 15, which is how I tested it.)
Kevin Kofler
Aaron J. Seigo
David Edmundson
Kevin Kofler
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