Partly fix bug 266467, by fixing the explicit-authority part

Review Request #102281 - Created Aug. 10, 2011 and submitted

Thomas Balling Sørensen
@Dario Freddi
I have discarded my two other proposals, since I have some more changes. I can no longer split the patch up in two, since the changes overlap.
I do not have access to commit these changes myself, so I hope you will do it for me.

In general this patch fix two things:
1. DBUS message handling, by changing the type send over DBUS from QList<QVariant> to QList<PKLAEntry>
2. Prober directory and authority-file handling, which is,
- If existing settings exists in the default directories: 10-vendor.d, 20-org.d, 30-site.d, 50-local.d, 90-mandatory.d. Load these settings and save the filename where they were found. When changed og saved, they will be saved to the same dir / filename they were found. This should keep us from messing up any existing manually specified settings.
- If a new setting is added, save it to %1-polkitkde.d under a filename specified by the action, e.g. org.kde.polkitkde1.readauthorizations and org.kde.polkitkde1.changeimplicitsettings will both be saved to the filename org.kde.polkitkde1.
- If a directory does not exist, create a new one.

Dario, if you think I could have access to the project, I would be happy to continue constributing instead of taking your time by reviewing :)
I have tested it by
- Manually creating an explicit setting in a random named filename in 20-org.d and see it correctly loads and saves it to the same filename.
- Adding and removing settings in a various different ways, to see the settings getting correctly getting saved the correct places.

As far as my testing went, it was all okay.
Dario Freddi
Dario Freddi